In envy of

by inside the whale

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released March 31, 2015

'In envy of' was recorded, mixed and mastered by James Jackson at Neutral Ground, Brisbane.

'Observe, decide, adhere' and 'Waiting' were recorded by James Jackson and Benjamin Breitenstein at Neutral Ground, Brisbane. And were mixed and mastered by Jason Maas at Getaway Studios, Boston.

'Waiting' originally appeared as a download-only bonus track on Manifest (2014).

Cover illustration by Maddy Young.

Art layout and design by Benjamin Breitenstein.



all rights reserved


inside the whale Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Observe, decide, adhere
There is a wolf amongst the flock tonight
So let us stay in watch.
There is a thief on the loose
We must assure that what have is not lost.

Watch for their eyes.
Don’t fall prey to their disguise.

I saw the warning signs
But responsibility is not all mine
Sometimes we’re too slow to judge
And open our hearts.

Just because the smile shines
Or the handshake’s firm and kind
Does not ensure that we’re secure
For all time.

Now that the fresh wounds sting
And our mouthes no longer sing
The ringing in our ears
Is the only song we bring.

Watch for their eyes.
Don’t fall prey to the disguise.

The utopia’s not here
Don’t be afraid to fear
Not impulse but instinct
And all you can do is think
Observe, decide, adhere.
Track Name: Waiting
These warehouse walls couldn’t hold me
This feeling in my gut’s gone stale
Of trying to find those just-right words
Before my skin turns pale

I speak to myself far more
Than I raise my voice
And under scotch and stars
I made my choice

I still wake up reminded
Of places you never were
Trapped in a state of waiting
Because I’ll wait for her
And I know clocks run faster
Without resistant thought
Wherever you lay your head

I’ll wait for you
Against all better judgment
Against all I thought I knew
I’ll wait for you
To see this through

I’ll speak this time
Exchange ideas instead of sound
And hold every inch of ground

I’ll see this time
Consume your eyes with mine
And keep myself in line

I want to scream
Love across the river
But know it would never carry
I’m sorry. I’m sorry.