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Recorded by James Jackson and Benjamin Breitenstein at Neutral Ground, Brisbane.

Mixed and mastered by Jason Maas at Getaway Studios, Boston.

Front and back cover photos by Robert-Paul Jansen.

Art layout and other photography by Benjamin Breitenstein.

Also, Rob is American. The accent is real.


released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


inside the whale Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: No Reason To Be
The sun falls, tides change, we begin to drift
Your favourite song plays loudly, drowning out the shift
I’m outside listening as you trash the place
But I can’t bring myself to say this to your face

I’m too nice, or so you’ve told me
So I’ll believe you and stay the old me
You’ll never know – enjoy the show, dear

It’s been so long I’ve forgotten how you laugh
And I doubt you do much of that when my name’s attached
So let’s just stick to what we hear from our friends

Let the page stay blank – how a non-story ends
Let our minds stay poisoned – how neglected wounds mend
You don’t know – take time to grow, dear

I’ve never had a first and last
Independent of each other
And I’ll never live down taking
What was another’s
I don’t know – if there’s anything here

Is there now
Was there ever

I’ll try to find it, while I try and hide it
And I’ll try to make it, as I bend and break it
And you can stay distant, because right now in this instant
There’s no reason to be here.
Track Name: Out of Season
You’re bracing for the worst
You’re pacing whilst submersed

Our adopted nature won’t allow defiance
Making sure I’m in full compliance

This routine is rehearsed

The shoulders you lean on are your own
When you’re all the same, you’re all alone
And now every night turns out the same
We showed up, and we accept the blame

Does the bottom of that bottle change shades
Does that flame burn brighter than yesterday’s
Once you’ve been gifted, who do you thank
Hold those cards close, because they’re blank

A challenge of ideas amounts to treason
This group consensus has no reason

One day you’ll run out of apologies
Convenience falls short of ideology

You speak how you’re taught to
You eat what you’re served
You follow their examples
And get what you deserve.
Track Name: Brothers
Sometimes I lose you - but mostly you stay near
I didn’t choose you - it just makes sense that you’re here

You know my secrets - and hold them tight
You know what makes me worry - and make it seem so trite

We couldn’t plan this better
But it’s all self-aligned
All I need to keep breathing
Is to keep this in mind

It never made sense any other way.
Let’s make each moment feel like the first day

Let’s make the most of it
Let’s make sure this stays
Let’s take this bit by bit
And treasure it always

And we will always love each other
Like brothers.
Track Name: Line of Sight
They’re giving away tickets to the last flight out of here

And I can understand
We all want what we can’t bear
And I can’t reprimand
Those who choose to care

Engines hum, lights shine
Turbines spin through clouds and I
Can’t help but feel the hope
You rest on those wings

They carry you high
We say goodbye
Line of sight fades
But we still envy how you fly

Sing of our memories
Dream on our highs and lows
Speak of our victories
And bring us proud repose

They carry you high
We say goodbye
Line of sight fades
But we still envy how you fly

Fly, seraph, fly
Let the stars guide you right
Fly, seraph, fly.
Track Name: Give Up
How does this look from the outside
This acting-out and giving in
You’ll just fade like old headlines
Spreading news of the mess I’ve been

We’ve traveled these roads together
Hands at our sides and eyes unmet
No memories to cherish
Nothing to show for the time we spent

Stare me down
Hold me tight
Do all you can
Give up the fight
Track Name: To Hide
I’ve never had a near miss
Over time I’ve been sure of this
And if I wanted to blow this place sky-high
All I’d have to do is close my eyes and wish

I should be used to you
But I’m afraid of losing you
Like I’ve lost everyone I knew

I’m tired of the fear
That pulls mE by my ears
And guides me down the unlit paths I’ve tread
They seem new to me now
And I’m never quite sure how
You’ve wiped the slate clean in my head

Down your drinks to hide
Nothing left inside

And I should turn my back and close my eyes tonight.
Track Name: Dust Bowl
The fences stand strong
And the fields are all trampled down

Can you feel the winds
It is getting hard to breathe
Is this all happening or is it just me
What changed in the air
Is the light dimming away
Heads in the sand now, that’s how we’ll stay

This is an out-of-body experience
Turning my head from side to side
Watching and acting all at once – as dead-end streets collide

Is it intuition
Is this what it has to be
Trapped by the outcome, delusional but free
The clouds obscure our faces
Together as we are
I couldn’t tell you where, but we’ll go far

I can’t see
I can’t breathe
I can’t be here happily
It will feel right eventually

Raise the sun
Shield your eyes
As long as the lights burn overhead
What’s inside flickers and dies.
Track Name: Wherever I Go From Here
I could see you framed
In the grain of a silent film
And when you sing
I’m left speechless

Common ground was never enough for me
I want sparks and strikes of light
Every chord, rest assured
Means less than it did last night

We make meaning all our own in hope to find
A place where we can leave all else behind
All we’ve ever done is traded looks and words in time
With the noise we struggle to hear above
Lost and cast aside

But I see it in you
A reason to see good
In all that’s flawed
And misunderstood

And I’ll find you wherever I go from here.